Mesotherapy (my Cells) - Mesotherapy PRP

Improve your appearance and psychology with facial mesotherapy with autologous enhancers (My Cells)

What is autologous mesotherapy?

Autologous mesotherapy is a method of aesthetic medicine which has multiple action on the rejuvenation of facial tissues. Skin tissue regenerates faster with growth factors. It is applied for the prevention and treatment of skin aging, facial wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, combating cellulite and treating other cosmetic problems such as scars, alopecia and hair loss.

Unlike heterologous mesotherapy, during which substances such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants are implanted intradermally, the revolutionary method of autologous mesotherapy utilizes the patient’s own plasma in order to release growth factors. Which in turn activate cell regeneration, multiplying fibroblasts and contributing to collagen stimulation.

Autologous growth factors come from activated P.R.P. platelets (platelet rich plasma), which is essentially a by-product of our blood, rich in platelets, allowing our body to use a normal pathway of healthy reaction at accelerated rates. The function of growth factors lies in the activation of adult stem cells, which in turn transform into mature cells of the tissue to be repaired, for the purpose of its faster healing process.

Mesotherapy (my Cells) - Mesotherapy PRP

Improve your appearance and psychology with facial mesotherapy with autologous enhancers (My Cells)

How is it applied?

The doctor initially draws 10ml of blood from a peripheral vein. Then, the blood is centrifuged so as to separate the plasma, including platelets, from the cellular blood constituents. With the help of a fine needle inject the P.R.P. in the treated area. It is a non-invasive treatment, short, painless and leaves no scars.

P.R.P. autologous mesotherapy lasts longer than any other traditional mesotherapy and its results are evident for up to 1 year after the treatment, when repeating the application is recommended.

Results of the technique:

Combating wrinkles
Improving skin texture
Increased firmness and endogenous hydration of the skin
Increased elasticity and radiance of the skin

Can PRP mesotherapy be combined with other treatments?

PRP mesotherapy provides exceptional results when combined with treatments such as botox or hyaluronic acid, while it can also be used in combination with laser or radiofrequency.

Reported side effects are mild swelling/oedema or some bruises which subside in 2-3 days. There are no allergic reactions and infections, as the product is not toxic. The patient’s own blood being used, it is completely safe from transmission of diseases.

Are there any restrictions?

Patients with blood problems should not undergo autologous mesotherapy. Treatment should not be applied to patients with chronic liver disease, HIV, going through pregnancy or taking anticoagulants.

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