With vaginoplasty improve your appearance and psychology by correcting the disharmony of your vagina.

Pubic mound liposuction

Liposuction is suggested for areas where there is accumulated fat, such as the glutes, the abdomen, the thighs, the inside of the knees, the arms, the double chin, as well as the pubic area.

Liposuction in the area of the pubic mound, or vaginoplasty, is usually performed on women who notice a swelling in the area that in some cases is combined with looseness.

The reasons for this size increase of the pubic mound vary. They are usually hereditary, following weight gain or pregnancy, or due to age, as fat deposits increase over time, as does laxity.

This leads women to want to repair the area by reducing the size of the pubic mound. Genital surgery can be combined with vaginoplasty, if needed.


With vaginoplasty improve your appearance and psychology by correcting the disharmony of your vagina.

Vaginoplasty - How the procedure is done

The plastic surgeon makes a small incision in the area and removes the excess fat with a thin canula. Liposuction can greatly improve the appearance of the area, but it needs good skin elasticity in the area of the pubic mound and bone. If the skin in the area is loose, skin removal with abdominoplasty might be needed.

After the operation, the woman will have to wear an elastic bandage for 2 weeks.

Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty aims at aesthetics, as well as the functional correction of both labia -minora and majora.

Reasons that can lead a woman to correct the size of the labia minora or labia majora usually include genetic problems or great weight loss. From a functional point of view, there is the possibility of pain being caused to the woman during sexual intercourse when the size of the labia is hypertrophic, so reducing her pleasure.

Hypertrophic vulva size is likely to cause increased hyperhidrosis in the area, resulting in malodorousness in the sensitive area.

Labia minora (inner lips) reduction

Plastic surgery on the labia minora aims at repairing deformities which appear on the inner lips of the vulva. This operation focuses on correcting the shape of the inner lips or reducing the hypertrophic size of the labia minora.

The main factors which lead a woman to proceed with this surgery are functional. It is possible that friction of labia minora excess tissue during intercourse, or friction caused by tight clothing worn by the woman, may be causing pain.

Another important factor is psychological, since the appearance of the sensitive area is very important to a woman, and her image can create problems in her outlook.

Labia majora (outer lips) reduction

Plastic surgery on the outer lips of the vulva aims to reduce the volume of the labia majora, to remove excess fat that may exist in the area, but also to improve the loose skin of the outer lips of the vulva.

The excessive size of the labia majora is usually hereditary, caused by sudden weight loss, the passage of time or after a series of births.

Another cause of hypertrophic labia is the genetic structure and anatomy of every woman’s body, and the tendency of fat to be stored in this area.

No-scalpel vaginoplasty

Labia majora augmentation with hyaluronic acid in case of atrophy

The increase in volume of the labia majora aims at restoring their atrophic image, in order to achieve better appearance for the vulva. There are two techniques for achieving this result: Transferring and applying fat from other parts of the body, or a hyaluronic acid injection.

In the case of fat transfer, a part of the amount of fat is suctioned and processed in a special way, in order to keep the fat cells active, and achieve a longer lasting effect in the increase of the volume of the labia.

In the case of hyaluronic acid application, the effect is temporary and may last up to a year. This method is aimed at women who are interested in a temporary appearance change in the area, or those who prefer a faster and simpler procedure, as hyaluronic acid is placed directly at the plastic surgeon’s clinic.

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