Breast Augmentation

Improve your appearance and psychology by changing your torso & self-confidence.

Boost your bust and your confidence!

Learn all about the most popular plastic surgery among women, which will boost not only your bust, but your confidence as well.

Are you ready to feel better about your body and acquire the image you have always dreamed of? Now you can! Changing your appearance, you will feel more beautiful and you will change not only your outlook, but your whole life too. After all, well-shaped breasts are a symbol of femininity desired by every woman!

Plastic surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis – having performed more than a thousand breast surgeries – will be with you from the start, informing you about everything you would like to know about breast augmentation. He uses the most modern techniques, with absolute safety, offering a natural result.

Breast Augmentation

Improve your appearance and psychology by changing your torso & self-confidence.

First visit for Breast Augmentation

One of the most important parts of the female breast augmentation process is the preoperative visit of a woman to the Plastic Surgeon. At this first visit, a detailed medical history will be obtained and you will need to tell the doctor everything regarding your health.

After examining your breasts, Dr. Gaitanis will explain the different types of implants which exist, and you will choose the most suitable for your own breast augmentation together.

Afterwards, the type and size of the implant, the point of surgical incision and whether the implant will be placed above or below the major pectoral muscle will be determined. It is very important to create trust between patient and doctor, who needs to have extensive experience in this procedure and be able to show the patient photos from similar cases.

Photos of previous patients can approximate what your own breast will look like after the surgery.

Silicone implants

All breast augmentation implants consist of an outer casing made of solid silicone. What changes is their content.

Modern silicone implants’ content is in the form of “cohesive gel”. Even in the event of possible rupture of the implant -a very rare case- the silicone does not leak, as it is in the form of gel.

After several studies, modern silicone implants have been found to be completely safe. In the last 20 years in particular, no association has been found between any diseases and silicone implants.

Long-term study results in the USA show that women with silicone implants are less likely to suffer breast cancer.

Silicone does not obstruct mammography, only some extra lateral views are required. Women with silicone breast implants are just as likely to develop breast cancer as women without them.

Silicone implants are very often used for reconstruction after mastectomy due to breast cancer.

Types of implants for Breast Augmentation

Silicone implants are distinguished between round and tear-drop. Round implants may be low, medium or high profile, while tear-drop implants are divided into medium and high profile. In most cases, round implants (medium profile) are used when breast augmentation needs to be combined with a lift. High-profile implants are used in cases where only breast augmentation is performed.

High-profile implants have narrow bases, offering the greatest possible improvement in breast shape and outward projection. Tear-drop silicone implants are commonly used in reconstruction after mastectomy, as well as in women who have no mammary gland, with very thin skin and muscle system.

Tear-drop implants have a slightly harder sensation than round implants. Dr. Gaitanis uses both types, of American origin, which are tested and provide safe results.

The size of the implant will be decided jointly with the doctor, based on the woman’s assessment of the desired result and the doctor’s advice, according to his experience and the woman’s pre-existing breast type.

Most women want their breasts to be in harmony with the rest of their body and its size to match their proportions.

Boost your bust and your confidence!

Breast Augmentation - A few words about the procedure

There are three different places where the small, 4cm, surgical incision can be made. The armpit (rarely), the areola and the inframammary fold, under the breast, which is most common.

Another decision which will be made at the first visit, is whether the silicone implant will be placed above or below the woman’s major pectoral muscle. If the woman already has plentiful breasts, which do not show significant drop, the implant is placed above the muscle, but under the existing breast tissue. If the woman does not have enough breast volume to cover the implant, the silicone is placed under the muscle, resulting in a slightly increased postoperative recovery period.

In cases where the implant is placed under the major pectoral muscle, Dr. Gaitanis uses a new “subfascial” technique, placing the silicone implant under the fascia of the major pectoral muscle.

After Breast Augmentation

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about an hour. You may return home later in the same day. Time off work for 3-5 days should be taken. After the operation, a special sports bra should be continuously worn for two weeks, day and night, while afterwards, the special bra must be worn only during the day for another 2 weeks. Wearing an underwire bra is forbidden for at least 4 weeks after the operation. Protection from intense muscle movements is required for a period of 10-15 days.

After about the third week you may return to the gym. The day after surgery you will visit the doctor, when the first bandage change will be made and the surgical incisions will be examined. A reexamination will be necessary after 4 days. All sutures are absorbable and, in most cases, Dr. Gaitanis does not use drains. Appropriate instructions for any further visits will be given during the second meeting.

Consequently, breast augmentation can be done safely and give women the desired result. Like all surgical procedures, breast augmentation has small complications risks, which are reduced when a woman consults a special Plastic Surgeon with established extensive experience in this type of surgery.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

The most natural breast augmentation to boost your confidence!

With the help of liposuction, we first remove excess fat from the abdomen or thigh area, and reposition it (following treatment) in the breast, to increase its size.

Fat Transfer Advantages

  • Combination of 2 operations in 1

This surgical operation uses a combination of liposuction and fat transfer for breast augmentation. The positive thing is that we improve two or more areas at the same time. Removing fat from one or two places and transferring it exactly where we want.

  • Natural Results

One of the main reasons why this operation is so popular, is due to the results looking completely natural.

This way, we can increase the volume of the breast without using a foreign object, like a breast implant.

We can also adjust the desired size, depending on the amount of fat existing in the body and the patient’s desires.

A minor repair is done because a small percentage of fat may be absorbed. The details should be discussed in detail at the clinic.

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