Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Improve your appearance and psychology by getting rid of unwanted hair growth.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair growth is an issue that is of particular concern to both women and men. Now you can get rid of unwanted hair easily, quickly and painlessly with the Alexandrite Laser hair removal method! Forget razors, waxing and all those methods that irritate the skin and do not offer a permanent solution.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Improve your appearance and psychology by getting rid of unwanted hair growth.

In which areas can it be applied?

Alexandrite Laser hair removal is applied to both face and body, wherever there is unwanted hair growth. On the face it can be applied on areas such as the upper lip, chin, cheekbones, glabella, forehead, cheeks and neck. On the body it can be applied on the legs, arms, armpits, bikini, abdomen, back, buttocks and nipples. Before the laser sessions start, a complete medical history is obtained by the doctor, which will help us know all the parameters required for the correct application and the best possible result.

Is Alexandrite Laser hair removal safe?

It is important to know that Alexandrite Laser hair removal is a very safe method of permanent hair removal! The laser applied to the area detects the melanin of the hair, which means that the laser goes directly to the hair without affecting the skin in the applied area. The length of the hair before application should be about 2-3 cm and this is because the laser aims at the root and not at the shaft of the hair. If the hair in the area is long, they should be trimmed so that no energy is lost.

Does it hurt?

The machine has a built-in cooling system and this makes the treatment painless. During the session you have a slight stinging sensation in the area to which it is applied.

How many Alexandrite Laser sessions does it take?

The number of sessions required to complete the treatment depends on the point of application. On average, 6 to 8 times is enough to get rid of hair from the body permanently. The sessions are conducted approximately every 1 to 1.5 or even 2 months depending on the case.

What about hormone-dependent areas?

Hormone-dependent areas, such as the face, abdomen, nipples, etc. need more applications and less time per session. In these areas it is not easy to determine the number of sessions and the interval of application; each case is individualized and these numbers will be determined according to each person. Here, we will have the formerly mentioned medical history as our guide.

What should we look out for before and after an Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal session?

We must also know that before the laser session, solarium and exposure to the sun are prohibited; as well as after the application, the areas in which it was applied must be protected with sunscreen!

You will be provided with detailed information in our clinic on what you need to know before and after the Alexandrite Laser session.

Get velvety smooth skin now! Get rid of unwanted hair once and for all and gain the confidence you deserve!

Τιμοκατάλογος Αποτρίχωσης με Laser Alexandrite


-40% σε ένα συνδυαστικό πακέτο 6 συνεδριών της επιλογής σας!

Αριθμός Συνεδριών

Αποκλειστική Προσφορά 1 4 6
Γραμμή Μπικίνι + Μασχάλες 50€ 180€ 210€ | 130€
Full Μπικίνι + Μασχάλες 70€ 210€ 270€ | 160€
Full Μπικίνι + Μασχάλες + Γάμπες 120€ 370€ 450€ | 270€
Full Μπικίνι + Μασχάλες + Πόδια 170€ 520€ 650€ | 390€
Full Μπικίνι + Πόδια 150€ 480€ 580€ | 350€
Full Body 250€ 750€ 950€
Πρόσωπο 1 4 6
Άνω Χείλος 20€ 60€ 100 €
Πηγούνι 20€ 60€ 100€
Λαιμός 30€ 90€ 160€
Full Face (Άνω Χείλος + Πηγούνι) 40€ 110€ 160€|95€
Full Face + Λαιμός 70€ 210€ 270€|165€
Σώμα 1 4 6
Μασχάλες 40€ 120€ 160€
Χέρια 70€ 210€ 280€
1/2 Χέρι 40€ 150€ 200€
Γραμμή Κοιλιάς 30€ 90€ 120€
Γραμμή Μπικίνι 30€ 100€ 120€
Full Μπικίνι 50€ 150€ 200€
Γάμπες 70€ 200€ 270€
Πόδια 120€ 360€ 500€

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