Breast Reduction

Improve your appearance and psychology by correcting the size of your breasts.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is aimed at women with very large breasts, facing appearance problems, but also showing pathological symptoms due to the size and weight of the breasts. Women with very large breasts, teenagers especially, feel uncomfortable because of the attention that their large breasts attract.

They are also restrained in the way they dress, but also when it comes to sports activities such as swimming and such. Women of all ages experience problems with their neck or spine due to the weight of their breasts. The deep impressions left by the bra on the shoulders are typical, as well as the frequent irritations of the skin in the inframammary folds.

Breast reduction provides the solution to these problems. The volume of the breast is reduced, along with the amount of fat within the breast, excess skin is removed, and the nipple is placed higher, in its new position. The size of the nipple is also reduced, as the purpose of the operation is to give the woman smaller breasts, with a better shape, that is in harmony with the rest of her body.

There are various techniques for the achievement of this goal, in order to use the technique that best serves your needs and goals.
In some cases, the surgical incisions are in the shape of an anchor, in other cases, they are restricted around the nipple and straight below it, and in other cases, they go around the nipple and diagonally towards the armpit. In most women, one breast differs from the other to a small extent, and if that anisomastia exists, it will be corrected during the operation. The youngest age for breast reduction is 18 years.

Breast Reduction

Improve your appearance and psychology by correcting the size of your breasts.

The first visit to the Plastic Surgeon

Your first visit to the plastic surgeon is very important.

After giving a detailed medical history, you will have the opportunity to talk to the plastic surgeon and disclose your problem and requirements. After examining and measuring your breast, the surgeon will discuss which is the best way to reduce your breasts so that they match the rest of your body with you, considering elements such as the quality of your skin, your age, etc.

It is important that you express your desire about how you imagine the ideal size and shape for your breasts, as opinions on such matters are almost always subjective.

Dr. Gaitanis will show you, on your chest, where the new position of the nipple will be and he will describe where the surgical incisions will be made.

For the breast reduction operation, general anesthesia is used and, in most cases, a one-night hospital stay is required.

You must avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for one week before surgery, as well as taking certain medications, such as aspirin and multivitamins for two weeks before surgery. If you smoke, it is especially important to stop or drastically reduce smoking for a week or two before surgery, to speed up the healing process and reduce the chances of complications.

Chances of complications exist in any surgery, but they are reduced in the hands of a special plastic surgeon, experienced in this particular procedure. The surgeries are performed in fully equipped private hospitals in Athens and Dr. Gaitanis’ team of anesthesiologists uses the most modern and safe methods of anesthesia.

Before breast reduction

  • Avoid sunbathing for one week before the operation.
  • If you are taking any medication, inform Dr. Gaitanis, so that he can advise you on its continuation.
  • ALCOHOL is prohibited 48 hours before the operation.
  • ASPIRIN is prohibited for at least one week before the operation. You may take paracetamol.
  • If you are a smoker, it is important to significantly reduce smoking or even better to QUIT it.
  • The morning before the operation, take a shower or bath and wash your hair, but do not use hair spray or other products. Shave your armpits. Do not apply any lotions.
  • Arrange your transfer to and from the hospital in advance. Dr. Gaitanis will have informed you whether you will stay overnight in the hospital or you will leave in the afternoon of the same day.
  • Get a sports bra. You should discuss with Dr. Gaitanis what the appropriate size is.
  • Underwire bras are prohibited.

Operation Day

  • Eating or drinking is prohibited for at least 6 hours before the operation.
  • Remove nail polish, contact lenses, jewelry and makeup before leaving home for the hospital.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothes.

After breast reduction

After the operation, you will return home the next morning, wearing the elastic bra, after the drain has been removed, if one has been used.

You will have a little swelling in your chest, which during the first week will gradually subside.

Some women report some pain after the breast reduction, which is easily treated with paracetamol.

It is important to rest during the first week and when you leave the hospital you will have been given antibiotics for a period of five days.

You will need time off work for about 1-2 weeks, depending on the extend of the operation and the type of work done.

You may lose some sensation from the nipple of one or both breasts and the possibility of breastfeeding in a future pregnancy is not guaranteed.

It is necessary to wear the elastic bra on a 24-hour basis for a period of 2 weeks and only during the day for another 2 weeks.

After the operation

  • ASPIRIN is prohibited for 7 days after the operation.
  • ALCOHOL is prohibited for 48 hours after the operation.
  • Follow the medication recommended by Dr. Gaitanis.
  • Avoid sunbathing for two weeks after the operation.
  • Bathing is allowed after the bandages have been removed. Showering is allowed after the first day of surgery, but keep the bandages dry.
  • Remaining lying down for at least a day will help a lot, with a light walk around the house.
  • Avoid driving for the first week after surgery. / Wear the special bra day and night for the first 2 weeks and then, only during the day for another 2 weeks.
  • Underwire bras are prohibited for at least 4 weeks after the operation.
  • The first meeting with Dr. Gaitanis after your operation will be scheduled the same night at the clinic and the next day at his office.

Your new breast

After the first two to three weeks, your new breasts will look normal, but a small amount of swelling will take six to nine months to go away and get your breasts in their final shape.

The scars will be more or less red at first and the plastic surgeon will give you specific instructions so that after six to twelve months, you will have the best possible result.

Your new breast will increase your self-confidence and reduce the effects of large and overweight breasts will improve your quality of life.

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