Injectable Hair Loss Treatment with PRP

Improve your appearance and psychology by dealing with hair loss.

The most common hair loss cause in men is considered to be androgenetic alopecia. It can also happen to women, but more rarely. By androgenetic alopecia, we mean the gradual thinning of the hair on the top part of the head.

Thinning may start from the temples and slowly progress to the back and center, or start all over the upper part of the head simultaneously. The causes of this type of hair loss are a combination of various factors, the main cause being genetic predisposition. The hairs on the top of the head usually show more sensitivity to the action of androgens.

The hair in this area weakens as a result, while gradually becoming thinner and thinner, and eventually disappearing. Another factor affecting hair loss is biological maturation. This is why hair loss does not appear with the same intensity in everyone.

Injectable Hair Loss Treatment with PRP

Improve your appearance and psychology by dealing with hair loss.

An alternative -promising- method for hair loss is the treatment of the scalp with autologous growth factors (PRP).

This method consists of a small amount of 10 ml of blood being removed from a peripheral vein, and after undergoing a special process, the plasma and platelets which are rich in growth factors are isolated. Subsequently, this material is injected with small injections in the entire area of the scalp with the help of a small needle. This painless treatment can be applied at any time.

Growth factors stimulate hair follicles into producing better quality hair and, in some cases, stimulate precursor cells into transforming into hair follicles.

It is suitable both for alopecia areata cases, as well as alopecia of the androgenetic type (androgenetic alopecia).

The PRP method shows effective results in still active hair follicles which show a thinner image.

Two applications within a month followed by a follow-up treatment after one year, if necessary, is usually recommended.

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