Cellulite Treatment

Improve your appearance and psychology by correcting cellulite which is the biggest enemy of women’s skin.

Cellulite - Treatment Methods

Cellulite is the biggest enemy of women’s skin. The inhomogeneous fat deposits on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, as well as fluid retention, are the main reasons for its formation. This phenomenon (of trapped surface fat – S.T.F.) contributes to the orange peel appearance. This creates poor blood circulation and reduces tissue oxygenation, resulting in the skin losing its elasticity and becoming fibrous and painful. The most common causes are hormonal disorders, the hereditary factor, a poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, or smoking. The parts of the body where cellulite appears more often are the thighs, both on the outer and inner surface, the glutes, the knees, the abdomen and the arms.

Cellulite Treatment

Improve your appearance and psychology by correcting cellulite which is the biggest enemy of women’s skin.

Endermologie of the French LPG company: The most effective method against cellulite which sculpts the body.

The treatment’s philosophy is based on the electronically controlled mechanical action of two cylinders, which mobilize and mechanize the skin tissue. Dermal stimulation helps the harmonization of the connective tissue by increasing both blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminating metabolic residue. A slimmer and shapely body, with soft and tight skin, is the result of this method.

The “Endermologie” treatment of the French LPG company is the most famous against cellulite, skin laxity and localized fat in the world. The use of the above philosophy first began in 1986, focusing on the therapeutic field. It is a medical device, approved by the largest and most strict F.D.A. of America. More than 100,000 patients receive the above treatment daily.

It provides relaxation and a sense of wellness, while not requiring any medical practice or use of chemicals. It simply activates and rejuvenates some of the natural functions of the skin and body.

Each treatment lasts roughly 40 minutes and is performed 2 to 3 times a week. During each session, the client wears a special bodysuit -LPG bodywear- which facilitates the movement of the cylinders over the body and protects their hygiene.

The number of sessions varies in each case, and it is estimated that 10-15 visits will be needed on average. For the maintenance of the result, 1-2 treatments per month are recommended for the following three months.

The spectacular results of “Endermologie” can be encompassed in measurements and photos, before, during and at the end of the treatment.

The changes focus on areas where the problem is intense, while protecting areas where volume reduction is not desirable at the same time (e.g. face, breasts, etc.).

For over 20 years, the treatment has been scientifically proven to be effective on cellulite, skin tightening and localized fat. We should, of course, mention that in cases where the problem of localized fat is significant, the best result is achieved by liposuction and the use of “Endermologie” after the operation, for a one month period.

Mesotherapy with caffeine injections

Mesotherapy for cellulite treatment is considered quite an effective method. Its results are even better when administered in combination with other methods of cellulite treatment, such as Endermologie / LPG. It is a non-invasive method, with injections containing multivitamin mixtures, which are injected into the skin via tiny needles.

Application is carried out in the areas where cellulite appears, by injecting multivitamin mixtures in the middle layer of the skin, with small, thin needles, so that the ingredients penetrate the skin better and the results become immediately visible.

Mesotherapy is an absolutely painless treatment and usually needs 4-6 sessions over a period of about 10 days.

Results are visible from the second session already, and the circulation is restored in even the most distant cells which are compressed and have the orange peel appearance.

The valuable substances which enter the body, tighten the skin, improve circulation and help the body expel fat cells and toxins.

After completing a number of sessions, the patient may repeat a few sessions 6 months later to maintain the result. Three follow-up applications (one per week) are usually recommended.

Between treatments, the patient needs to be careful and take cool showers with lukewarm water.

After (the application of) mesotherapy, some mild bruising usually appears at the points of application, but those gradually subside.

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