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Build muscle – burn fat.

NON-INVASIVE FACELIFT Combination Therapies

Discover your brightest Self and
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for 4 and 6 sessions

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Cryolipolysis (Coolsculpting) by Allergan

The only Cryolipolysis procedure certified by the FDA
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Diet Tube without tube

The protein tube diet, now without the tube
The new application of the Diet Tube slimming method concerns a nutritional protocol of a total duration of three weeks.

Breast Lift

It is known that many women aren’t pleased with the appearance of their breasts, not so much due to size, but due to flaccidity and drop.

Lip Augmentation

With the passage of time, our lips lose their volume, resulting in them looking smaller.

Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal

Unwanted hair growth is an issue that is of particular concern to both women and men.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is the biggest enemy of women’s skin. The inhomogeneous fat deposits on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, as well as fluid retention, are the main reasons for its formation.

BodyTite Liposculpture

If until today the first thought that came to mind when you heard the word liposuction was scalpels, pain, swelling and the postoperative period, the time has come to change your mind thanks to BodyTite Liposculpture.

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Διώξτε το λίπος με Λιποαναρρόφηση – Λιπογλυπτική

Get rid of fat with Liposuction – Liposculpture

Suitable for areas where there is accumulated fat such as buttocks, abdomen, thighs and the inside of the knees and arms. Preparation: One week before …

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How to get a slim waist

Until now, the solution was in Lipomassage (LPG), a device that massages negative pressure, activating fat cells. However, this technology is evolving and now uses …

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fillers με φυσικό αποτέλεσμα lifting

New fillers with natural lifting effect

New items, new uses and many advantages are provided by the new injectable materials that can effectively erase the signs of time from the face …

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