If the skin around the eyes looks quite tired, it means that the muscles have relaxed and the fat that normally exists inside the eye socket increases. As a result, especially on the upper eyelids, the skin fold is very close to the lashes and the eyes feel “heavy”, which makes the makeup process difficult for women. Upper or lower eyelid eyelid surgery is an operation performed either individually or in combination with facial wrinkle surgery. The operation alone can be performed on relatively young people, between 30 – 40 years old, where either due to hereditary factors or due to the modern lifestyle, they show bags and sagging in the eye area, resulting in a permanently tired face in their look. In upper eyelid eyelid surgery, the skin and a little excess fat can be removed even with local anesthesia, so that one or both eyelids do not appear drooping. The sutures are removed after 4 days and the return to work can be done after 3-4 days.

Where is the incision made? The incision is made in the normal fold of the upper eyelid which is located about 8 mm from the lashes.

Procedure: At the beginning, the excess skin is removed as well as a part of the muscle that is left over, then we remove the extra fat which can create weight on the upper eyelid. After making sure that there is good hemostasis, we place the very thin sutures which close our incisions and make the result look very natural.

Risks – Complications: In all operations there is a possibility of infection, hematoma, but these risks are completely controllable.

Duration of surgery: in upper eyelid eyelid surgery it is around half an hour, in lower eyelid eyelid surgery it is around 45 minutes.

In lower eyelid eyelid surgery, the incision is made under the lashes, we lift the skin and the muscle, we remove the fat and then we remove the excess skin.

Depending on the problem of the eyelids that we are called to face, we apply the corresponding eyelid technique. Thus, in cases where bags appear, lower eyelid surgery is performed, while when we want to strengthen the outer corner of the eyelid, eyelid surgery is applied with orthopedics on the upper or lower eyelid respectively.

Lower eyelid eyelid surgery with internal incision without external scars

To treat bags under the eyes, plastic surgery employs a new scar-free eyelid technique. Aimed at women who show bags in the area under the eyes, without sagging skin. In this case, an incision is made inside the eye (superficially), from where only the excess fat is removed from the area. This results in no incision on the outside of the eye and the skin shrinks. A slight swelling and bruising that occurs then gradually subsides over the next 4-5 days. After this period one can return to work. The main advantage of this technique is that it treats the bags, removing excess fat without leaving scars in the area.


This is a new application of hyaluronic acid to improve the eye area that helps to avoid their tired face.

Hyaluronic acid is used in injectable form to usually “fill in” the wrinkles around the mouth and the lip area. If the filling is to be performed on fine & superficial wrinkles, such as those in the eye area, then hyaluronic acid is applied in diluted form more superficially. Thus covering the fine wrinkles – lines that appear around the eyes, while helping to deal with dark circles and bags.

The doctor, using very fine needles, injects the right amount and type of hyaluronic acid – depending on the problem – into the areas he wants to fill. The duration of the injection is different in each woman, on average it is estimated to last one year. Its application is very simple without causing allergies, during which – after local anesthesia – the doctor makes small injections by inserting the material. The result is immediate, while for 2-3 days there may be swelling in the area or redness which, however, gradually subsides.

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