Eye mesotherapy

Clear vision and reduction of wrinkles in the eye area – even eliminate them!

Eye mesotherapy

Want a relaxed look?

The ingredients of the eye mesotherapy promise you a clean look but also a reduction of wrinkles in the area, in some cases even their elimination! Get rid of problems that concern you but are solved!
The eyes are the mirror of the soul. The stress, tension and fatigue of everyday life are reflected in them. Many times, due to a malfunction of an organ (e.g. intestine), we have the appearance of dark circles. The treatment of the eye area aims to reduce dark circles and bags, as well as contribute to the prevention and smoothing of expression wrinkles. This is achieved by reducing fluid retention in the area, increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and tightening this sensitive area.

Eye mesotherapy

Clear vision and reduction of wrinkles in the eye area – even eliminate them!

Get a rested look and radiant face again.

Eye mesotherapy gives you a rested look and a radiant face again.

What does eye mesotherapy offer?

Dark circles, wrinkles under the eyes and puffiness give the face a tired and aged look.

Eye mesotherapy helps significantly in:

  • Improvement of dark circles and skin elasticity
  • Smoothing fine wrinkles
  • The natural healthy appearance of the eye area.

What does eye mesotherapy involve?

Eye mesotherapy contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, organic silicon, resveratrol and flavonoids and lymphotonic factors. These ingredients are injected intradermally in the area of the lower eyelids and outer canthus (crow’s feet), contributing to cellular regeneration, hydration and lymphatic decongestion.

Does the application hurt?

Η εφαρμογή είναι σχεδόν ανώδυνη και απόλυτα ασφαλής. Μπορεί να εφαρμοστεί τοπική αναισθησία με χρήση αναισθητικής κρέμας.

Eye Peel

The delicate skin around the eyes is stressed daily by external factors, by the voluntary or involuntary movements of the eyelids and muscle contractions. Thus, the signs of aging appear very quickly – even before the age of 30. The youthful firmness is lost and the fine lines of dehydration in the outer corner of the eyes, soon transform into wrinkles, the well-known “crow’s feet”.

EyePeel, the anti-aging peeling treatment that we apply specifically for the eye area, is a gentle but effective solution that treats the problems of this fragile area of ​​the face and renews it spectacularly.

The exfoliating power of the carefully selected acids ensures that the removal of cells will be exactly what is needed and the penetration of the active ingredients will be homogeneous, so that we avoid any irritations and inflammation. In addition, their moisturizing effect will prevent dryness of the skin. These benefits are maximized because the ingredients in the formula “work” with each other and complement each other.

EyePeel is a superficial chemical peeling that guarantees excellent results immediately visible, but also with absolute safety. Its time-dependent action – it can become less or more aggressive, depending on the time the solution stays on the skin – allows us to personalize the treatment to your own skin type and your own needs. Just before we finish the treatment, the moisturizing eye mask with aloe, hyaluronic and collagen as well as a moisturizing serum, enriched with healing vitamin B5, will soothe the skin and supply it with the necessary moisture.

The transformation is visible from the very first session. The skin is hydrated and soft, immediately acquires a brighter, more toned appearance, while gradually, you will see fine lines and wrinkles, in the “crow’s feet”, noticeably soften and your look finally regains its vitality!

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