Cryolipolysis improves your appearance and psychology by gaining a strong and shapely body.

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Cryolipolysis (Coolsculpting) by Allergan

Persistent fat elimination with the power of cold, without surgery.

Localized fat and accumulation of fat in the body? There is a new, revolutionary, non-invasive solution for inch reduction and combating persistent localized fat. The Coolsculpting system uses Cryolipolysis technology to eliminate fat. Its effect is so immediate that you can get a firmer and shapely body with a single application, quickly and in a non-invasive way. It is the most reliable system regarding Cryolipolysis, approved by America’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration), with CE marking as a IIa class medical device, and with additional medical approvals worldwide.


Cryolipolysis improves your appearance and psychology by gaining a strong and shapely body.

What does Coolsculpting do?

The CoolSculpting method is the only non-invasive body liposculpture procedure, which uses advanced cooling technology -with permanent results- to eliminate localized fat in specific areas of the body, through the unique technology called Cryolipolysis.

What does it achieve?

The Coolsculpting system is pioneering by using Cryolipolysis technology for selective targeting and elimination of fat cells.

During the weeks following the application, these fat cells are removed from the body in a completely normal way.

Coolsculpting effects are long-lasting because after the treatment, fat cells are reduced forever. Cryolipolysis aims at reducing localized fat, leaving the skin and surrounding tissues unaffected.

92% of patients who tried cryolipolysis saw a significant difference after a single treatment, and 4.7 out of 5 doctors who applied it, were completely satisfied.

On which areas can it be applied?

Cryolipolysis is applied to areas where localized fat appears. On the abdomen and arms, it can improve skin quality, eliminate excess fat and help in inch loss. It is successfully applied to the glutes, the abdomen, the side of the waist, the inside of the thighs, the arms, in the areas where there is accumulated fat in general, to women and men alike.

How is the application done?

Allergan’s Coolsculpting System is a revolutionary non-surgical body liposculpture procedure, which uses cryolipolysis technology to eliminate fat. Its function is based on the use of cold, forcing fat cells to enter “apoptosis”, that is, to be destroyed and then expelled from the body, “phagocytosis”, in a normal, biological way. On the areas where we want to apply the treatment, a special gel is spread, which is then covered with a special film, on which the special head is applied, a different one used for each part of the body.

Only Coolsculpting has the patented Freeze Detect technology which ensures the most secure and spectacular results. The sensation that an individual has during the treatment, is that of cold in the area of application. For each area of the body there is a different, special head that is applied, from a total of 5 heads.

Is its application painful or difficult?

The procedure is completely comfortable, fast, absolutely painless and usually requires only one session to complete. Especially important is the fact that no recovery time is required after the application, as it is a non-invasive treatment and returning to activities is immediate!

How many sessions are required and how long do they last?

Cryolipolysis usually requires one session. Depending on the size of the treatment area, a session can last from about 45 minutes to 2 hours. Based on each skin’s response, it will be judged whether a follow-up session will be needed. The result becomes evident about 1.5 months after application.

Are there any risks or contraindications?

Cryolipolysis technology (coolscultping) is completely safe, thanks to the controlled cooling process, while it possesses built-in safety measures as well.

It is contraindicated in cases where there is a pacemaker, circulatory disorders, a stomach band, in areas where there is a recent surgical incision (it can be performed after 6 months). It is also contraindicated in cancer patients, and for those taking anticoagulant treatment it can be performed with the consent of their doctor. Also, no metal objects must be on the body during application.

What is the cost of the treatment?

Prices vary depending on the area of the application and your goals. That is why you and your doctor create a treatment plan -after your evaluation- tailored to your body, goals and budget.

Μπορεί να συνδυαστεί η Κρυολιπόλυση με άλλες θεραπείες για καλύτερα αποτελέσματα;

Cryolipolysis can be combined with other, non-invasive treatments, such as Endermologie, for cellulite treatment, and radiofrequency (Accent) & (Fractora) for tightening, offering even better results.

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