RF Radiofrequency Tightening (Accent)

Improve your appearance and psychology by tightening your face with radiofrequency.

Radiofrequency facial tightening (Accent Laser)

RF radiofrequency is used in cosmetic medicine to treat cellulite and fat deposits in various areas, both on the body as well as the face. The heat transferred under the skin helps increase its circulation, while with the help of this controlled heat, shrinkage is caused in the fat cells.

RF radiofrequency also stimulates fibroblasts, which produce more collagen, resulting in the skin looking more youthful, firm and smooth within 2-3 months. The Accent Laser system has the advantage of producing two types of radiofrequencies- monopolar and bipolar.

Bipolar radiofrequency with a special head is applied in order to heat the facial tissues superficially (e.g. around the eyes, around the neck area). While with the monopolar radiofrequency the heat is transferred deeper through the special head, in areas such as the cheeks. The doctor, observing the needs of each woman’s skin, decides whether using monopolar or bipolar radiofrequency will achieve the best result.

RF Radiofrequency Tightening (Accent)

Improve your appearance and psychology by tightening your face with radiofrequency.

The areas of the face where Accent can be applied are around the eyes, to soften and smooth the fine lines and wrinkles of “crow’s feet”, as well as the swelling that occasionally appears on the lower eyelid. It can also be applied to the cheeks, aiming to improve both the appearance of the skin as well as tightening the area, offering the face a fresher look. Another spot where Accent can be applied with very good results is the double chin.

When there is a fat deposit in this area, the doctor adjusts the intensity of the machine accordingly, so that the fat shrinks and the skin laxity is improved with the action of the monopolar radiofrequency, without the need for surgery. Another area which can be improved with the use of radiofrequency is that of the neck. The skin there is quite thin, and due to often being exposed to the sun, it appears wrinkled and sagging. With the help of the special bipolar radiofrequency head, there is the possibility to improve the appearance of the skin.

During the Accent treatment, the doctor uses the special head of the machine on the area where the application will be made, after covering it with a special lubricant. This is a completely safe treatment, seeing as the doctor has the ability to control the heat that he channels to the skin at all times.

Also, thanks to the special cooling mechanism which all latest technology heads used in the Accent Laser treatment have, the patient feels no pain.

After the application, the skin demonstrates a mild redness which will gradually subside within the next 24 hours.

The treatment lasts 10-20 minutes, can be repeated after two weeks and 4-6 sessions are usually required, depending on the magnitude of the problem and the response of each skin.

The treatment procedure is completely comfortable, quick, absolutely painless, and you may return to your daily activities after the application.

Localized fat & cellulite treatment with RF radiofrequency (ACCENT)

The Accent machine uses both monopolar as well as bipolar RF radiofrequencies to improve the appearance of the body. The Accent system helps smooth and sculpt loose or wrinkled skin in any area of the body. This treatment helps one to get a flat stomach, thinner hips and thighs, as well as achieving firmness and emphasizing the limbs.

The heat channeled into the tissues causes the fat cells to shrink, while the fibroblasts are activated into producing collagen at the same time. This improves the skin quality and improves circulation. The Accent treatment can be applied to areas of the body where localized fat alone, or in combination with cellulite- exists.

In the abdomen area, it can improve skin quality, cause tightening and help in losing inches.

On the side of the waist, on the thighs, on the glutes, on the knee, and the areas where there is fat and cellulite in general.

Accent has two heads for body treatments: the monopolar (Unilarge) which transfers heat to the tissues, as well as the head which combines monopolar radiofrequency with a massage (Uniform) for better lymphatic drainage.

RF radiofrequency treatment is repeated every 10-15 days. It usually takes a total of 5-6 sessions. The results are immediate, but the improvement continues during the first 3-4 months after application.

The procedure of the Accent treatment is completely comfortable, fast, absolutely painless, and you may return to your daily activities after the application.

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