Stretch Marks Treatment

Improve your appearance and psychology by dealing with stretch marks.

Pixel treatment for stretch marks

Stretch mark types

Stretch marks are a form of scar. The main difference between stretch marks is their color. If the stretch marks are red, they are rather recent, whereas if they are white, they are older.

The cause which has created the stretch marks does not result in any difference in their type. Stretch marks are the same whether they come from pregnancy, from growth during infancy or from weight fluctuations. What may differ is their spots of appearance. As with pregnancy stretch marks that usually appear on the upper or lower abdomen, whereas weight gain or growth stretch marks usually form in the lumbar region, which is the waist or even the legs. Stretch marks usually happen to women during pregnancy.

Therefore, both during as well as after pregnancy, a woman can protect herself with good moisturizing and lubrication of the skin of the abdomen. This treatment would do well to continue after pregnancy.

Stretch Marks Treatment

Improve your appearance and psychology by dealing with stretch marks.

Pixel Laser

The laser regeneration method (pixel) may help with their treatment. The pixel volatilizes the surface layer of the skin, while also stimulating the deeper layers into producing more collagen. As a result, the skin is stimulated and producing better quality scar tissue. Consequently, the appearance of stretch marks improves, becoming fainter and not seeming so intense.

The duration of each session varies, the time being related to the size of the area where the application will be made. It ranges from 15 – 45 minutes, depending on the size of the area. The result appears gradually, needing at least 3-4 sessions with an interval of 3 weeks.

The pixel laser procedure is not painful, as it is also applied to the face for smoothing and restoring the skin. It only causes a mild burning sensation, which subsides a few hours later, and a mild redness which gradually subsides as well.

The woman may even return to her daily routine on the same day, but would do well to avoid returning to the gym the same day, instead waiting 3-4 days to visit it. This is due to the area in which the stretch marks treatment will have taken place being somewhat irritated.

The pixel treatment can be performed all year round, but the hot season, due to heat and sun exposure, definitely makes their application a bit more difficult. The treated areas should not be exposed to the sun afterwards.

As long as all the conditions are met during the application of the method and a complete medical history is obtained, there should be no side effects. Those with skin hypersensitivity should inform their doctor.

All ages are suitable for this treatment, but the younger the individual, the faster the result will be, and it will be permanent as well.

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