Suitable for areas where there is accumulated fat such as buttocks, abdomen, thighs and the inside of the knees and arms.

Preparation: One week before taking aspirin is prohibited and it is recommended to take two arnica tablets (3 times a day). Smoking should be stopped two days before, while on the morning of the operation it is recommended to avoid body cream and hair spray.

Preoperative examination: Blood tests, cardiogram and chest x-ray – in cases where the operation is performed under general anesthesia.

How it is done depends on the point:

Buttocks: The plastic makes a small incision in the buttocks or under the finish. It is possible to reposition the fat in other places by improving their shape. The woman must wear an elastic lycra corset for 20 days.

Outer side of the thighs: Excess fat is removed through small incisions.

Inner thigh: Made with very thin cannulas. For best results, combine with lymphatic massage.

Knee inner side: This is the point just above and above the knee. It is made with a small incision on the inside of the knees where the fat is removed with a thin cannula.

Postoperative condition: Slight swelling and bruising usually occur locally. On the first day, rest and light walking at home are recommended. It can return to its activities in 3-4 days.

Possible complications:

The most common are: minor abnormalities on the surface of the skin, small asymmetries, bruises and swelling.

Result: It is permanent, as long as the patient pays attention to his weight and exercises.

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