There are different types of anesthetics that can be used in plastic surgery in order for the plastic surgeon to complete the operation, minimizing the pain and discomfort of the patient.

General anesthesia: It is an anesthesia administered in the hospital and the patient is under the supervision of highly specialized anesthesiologists. The patient has no sensation or memory. After anesthesia, the patient can return home the same day or stay overnight in the hospital.

Local anesthesia: The local anesthesia is administered by a specialist anesthesiologist. The patient is asleep at the time of the operation and can return home the same day.

Local anesthesia without sleep: This is the case when the patient does not sleep, and the anesthetic is admnistered in specific areas of the body. It is used in minor surgeries and the patient can leave the hospital immediately.

Cosmetic plastic surgery not only improves the appearance, but also the psychology and confidence. Every year more than 90,000 people undergo plastic surgery in the UK. Most of them are ordinary people who want to improve themselves, their appearance. Progress in medical science has resulted in the extension of the average human life expectancy. Progress in cosmetic plastic surgery can provide amazing results without leaving scars and with minimal pain. People nowadays feel younger and want to look younger too.

Plastic surgery has to do with excess skin and fat and generally does not cause swelling or bruising. For the first 24 hours the patient is advised to rest at home and is given some analgesics. Depending on the type of surgery and the healing characteristics of each patient, Dr. Gaitanis will tell you the recovery time needed.

Complications can occur in any type of surgery. The risk will be minimized if the patient is generally in good physical condition and health, and if the plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurses are experienced and skilled. Dr. Gaitanis and his team are very experienced and use the best private hospitals in Greece and England for their patients.

Most patients want to improve or emphasize their features and yet look natural. A bad plastic surgery is one that can be detected immediately. Dr. Gaitanis is known for his ability to achieve a completely natural result. It is a necessary condition for the patient to explain to Dr. Gaitani exactly what result is waiting for them.

Before the operation

A few days before the operation go for preoperative examinations at the “Mitera” hospital (you can go up to one day before the date of the surgery).

Operation Day

Enter the hospital at least 2 hours before the scheduled time of surgery. Not having eaten or drunk – not even water – from the night before.

After Operation

Follow the doctor’s postoperative instructions and make the scheduled visits to his clinic for your re-examination.

Injectable hyaluronic acid is a normal component of the human body and does not cause allergies. After the injection, a slight swelling may occur, which is part of the body’s normal reaction to the injectable material. It is treated by placing ice on the area and the swelling gradually subsides within a few days. It would also be good to limit facial expressions for the first three – four days after application. The latest generation injectable materials are of very good quality and last longer.

All breast augmentation implants consist of an outer pouch, which is made of solid silicone and is completely safe. What changes is the contents of this pouch. Thus, in silicone implants, the content is liquid silicone or the most modern cohesive gel silicone implants, where the content is a silicone gel.

Usually after a plastic surgery you will need to be absent from your work for about 5-10 days, depending on the extend of the operation and the type of work you do. It is essential that you rest during the first week, while on your discharge from the hospital you will be given antibiotics that will be taken for a period of 5 days in order to avoid infections. It is especially useful for the patient to faithfully follow the preoperative and postoperative instructions of the plastic surgeon to further reduce the possibility of possible complications.

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