While treating the face carefully, we usually neglect our neck resulting in premature signs of aging. An omission that leaves the skin exposed to environmental attacks with immediate consequences.

Relaxation in these areas is caused as collagen and elastin decrease over time and the skin loses its elasticity. Damage from sunlight worsens the condition, altering elastin and collagen. But the real problem is what lies beneath. The muscles relax, and the fat moves, creating a loss of volume in the groin area, which leads to the creation of the well-known relaxation under the chin in the neck.

Radio frequencies are used in aesthetic medicine to treat the aesthetic problems of relaxation on the face and body. The heat that is transferred under the skin helps to increase its circulation, while with the help of this controlled heat it causes shrinkage in the fat cells.

Also with the radio frequencies are stimulated the fibroblasts, which produce more collagen, with the result that in a period of 2-3 months the skin looks more youthful, firm and smooth. The Accent Laser system has the advantage of producing two types of radio frequencies, monopolar and bipolar. Bipolar radiofrequency with the special head is applied to heat the facial tissues more superficially (eg around the eyes, in the neck area). While with the monopolar radio frequency the heat is transferred through the special head deeper, in areas such as the cheeks. The doctor, observing the needs of the skin that each woman has, decides whether to use monopolar or bipolar radiofrequency to achieve the best result.

The areas of the face that can be applied with Accent are around the eyes, to soften and smooth the fine lines and wrinkles on the “goose foot”, as well as the swelling that sometimes occurs on the lower eyelid. It can also be applied to the cheeks in order to improve both the appearance of the skin and to tighten the area, giving the face a fresher look. Another point where Accent can be applied with very good results is in the forearm. When there is fat deposition in this area, then the doctor adjusts the volume of the machine appropriately, so that with the action of the monopolar radiofrequency the fat shrinks and the skin relaxation is improved without the need for surgery. Another area that can be improved with the use of radio frequencies is that of the neck. The skin there is quite thin and due to the fact that it is often exposed to the sun it appears wrinkled and relaxed. With the help of the special bipolar radiofrequency head it is possible to improve the appearance of the skin.

After application, the skin shows a slight redness that gradually subsides within the next 24 hours. The treatment lasts 10-20 minutes, can be repeated after two weeks and in total usually takes 4-6 sessions, depending on the size of the problem and the response that each skin has.

The treatment process is completely comfortable, fast, completely painless and you can return to your daily activities after the application.

Thermal Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for relaxation in the neck

Fractora Firm is an innovative skin care treatment designed to rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin, helping it regain its elasticity, free of wrinkles and fine lines. Using radiofrequency technology, it offers maximum tightness to the deeper layers of the skin. The energy of the radio frequency stimulates the creation of new collagen and contracts the various layers of the skin, thus giving an improved appearance to the skin.

The Fractora Firm was developed based on technological advances and the clinical success of exclusive A.C.E. (Achieve = I do, Control = I control, Extend = I develop). A.C.E. directs energy to the deeper layers of the skin to ensure that no area is going to receive less or more energy than indicated, thus optimizing the end result and ensuring its stability.

The treatment is aimed at those seeking a non-invasive with natural results therapeutic approach against sagging, aging and skin irregularities. Suitable for the treatment of aging and poor skin texture,

Fractora Firm treats cases where there is skin sagging all over the face or treats the signs of aging in more specific areas such as the forehead, goose foot, upper and lower eyelid, nasopharyngeal folds, jaw and neck.

Fractora Firm treatment uses a specific technology, aiming at such skin depth, which ensures a safe and effective treatment, which is completely painless and without recovery time. After the end of the application, a slight erythema (redness) may occur in the area, which, however, subsides within a few hours.

Usually 3-4 applications are recommended for the neck area, once a week. This varies depending on the area and the degree of the problem.

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