Lose 6-8% of your weight in fat – without losing muscle mass – in 2-3 weeks by following a Diettube diet program designed especially for you!

Over time, men tend to accumulate fat around the abdomen, chest (gynecomastia), chin and neck. So men seek the help of plastic surgery to remove fat from these areas. In addition to the surgeries and treatments that exist to get rid of excess fat, a new weight loss method promises significant weight loss in fat.

The Diettube slimming method, tested in Italy and the United States of America, patented by the famous Italian plastic surgeon Marco Gasparotti, has been applied for the last 4 years in Greece, by the plastic surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis, – in its new version – without the “Tube”, offering very good results!

The Diettube diet programs have been patented by the USA, a very important approval since it results after a strict control for the correct application of the method.

Diettube protein preparations are not medicines, but dietary supplements consisting of milk proteins of high biological value, enriched with the amino acids l-isoleucine, ornithine, l-tryptophan, taurine and l-citrulline, which contribute to instant weight loss in pure fat.

The new Diettube diet protocols are ideal for those who want to get rid of extra pounds forever. Today they are applied even more individually, adapted to the personal needs of each individual. Depending on the weight you are in and how quickly you want to lose the extra pounds, the doctor adjusts the amount of preparations, as well as the type of diet that will be followed. The calculation of the necessary daily protein food that the patient needs to receive is based on his ideal weight.

Parameters such as the leaf (man, woman), height and weight in the current condition of the patient are also taken into account. Thus, in addition to the three-week feeding protocol that has been implemented to date, other longer-term feeding programs (10 days, 30 days, or 60 days) can be developed. As a result, a separate diet plan is created for each patient, with a duration that depends on the goal he has set and wants to achieve, ie the total weight loss he desires.

The three-week diet protocol promises to lose 6-8% of a person’s body weight in fat and can be repeated as many times as needed, following the doctor’s advice, in order to achieve his personal goals.

Dr. A. Gaitanis


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