A new form of injection lifting with PDO threads, helps to straighten the skin and improve the oval of the face in a natural and safe way.

It is a form of injectable lifting directed collagenogenesis. The insertion of bioabsorbable PDO (hypodermic) fibers activates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, resulting in skin rejuvenation.

Among the many advantages of collagen lift is the short duration of application, does not leave incisions or scars, does not require hospitalization, the result is immediate and has a duration. Also the material used is fully absorbable and completely safe.

PDO (polydioxanone) yarns are absorbable and are made of synthetic, bioabsorbable material. When disassembled, they help the tissue to repair itself, supporting it at the same time so that it can straighten and stabilize in the right place against gravity.

The points that can be applied are the oval of the face, the neck, the areas on the side of the eye or under the eye. While on the body it can be applied to the abdomen (lower, upper and side), chest, décolleté area. On the legs on the thighs (front inside, back inside), on the buttocks, as well as on the arms.

The quantities and dimensions of the yarns that will be used are differentiated and individualized according to the case.

After the application with PDO threads we see a percentage of the final result, while as time passes this is constantly improving with a total duration estimated at about two years.

Dr. A. Gaitanis


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