Until now, the solution was in Lipomassage (LPG), a device that massages negative pressure, activating fat cells. However, this technology is evolving and now uses the LPG Integral machine. “Achieving 50% greater skin aspiration and multiplying the effectiveness of the treatment” as stated by the plastic surgeon Apostolos Gaitanis. “With the help of special rollers that trap the skin in the space between them, they work with four movements: slimming, tightening, sculpting and redistribution of fat. These lipomassage rollers massage the skin in such a way that the fat cells are stimulated and destroyed “.

“The new Lipomassage Integral can be applied in addition to liposuction” notes Mr. Gaitanis. “The adipose tissue that remains in the body after the removal of fat cells, with the help of lipomassage can return to a normal, healthy state. The desired result is achieved through a system of suction regulation and through the addition of sensors. It takes about 10 to 15 repetitions to complete the results, depending on the case. The treatment is performed all over the body, the woman wearing the special body, focusing on the problem areas such as the abdomen and the area around the waist.

The applications of the new LPG Integral have a significant effect on the retraining of fat cells and the body itself to function again as before, renewing the slowed down cellular processes. The results of this treatment are:

stubborn fat is removed

the contour of the body is reshaped

the skin tightens and lifts

cellulite is smoothed and becomes less visible.

Among the many advantages of this method is that the results are visible much faster, last longer and are natural.

Dr. A. Gaitanis


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